Take My Life - by Linda Bracken

 "Take My Life and Let It Be Consecrated Lord to Thee..."

The old hymns of faith are such precious nuggets of Truth. One can sing a song like, "Take My Life" and use it as a daily prayer of…

Wow!!! - by Linda Bracken

Thoughts for the day,

Opportunities abound to shine our light of truth, hope, and love into a world darkened by lies, fear, and hate. We get to be a walking New Testament everyday with our Father's Hand guiding us…

What on Earth is Happening?! - by Linda Bracken

Hi, Webmaster David:)
In light of the events taking place on the world stage, it is perhaps timely to put together a "What On Earth is Happening or What In the World is Going On" type of musing.…

It's A New Year/Day - by Linda Bracken

Well, another turn of the calendar and we have entered the next number in the millenium. Some people look at this turning of the page as an opportunity to look at their lives in view of what needs to be…

My Christmas Thoughts - by Linda Bracken

One has to be in awe of this time of year. People are rushing here and there, to and fro, back and forth....all in the quest for the perfect gift or the perfect turkey or the perfect ornament for the…

Introducion - by PIP webmaster

Hello Everyone!  Welcome to the Power in Praise Desk (or PIP Desk for short).  This will be a page where you will not only be able to read the thoughts and feelings of the members of Power in Praise, but…